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Posted over 1 year ago by John Tapia

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John Tapia Admin

Updates in regards to Cintoo Products, which can include the recent changes, new features, improvements, or bug fixes.

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Ange Abou posted 6 months ago Admin

Cintoo API: latest minor release 1.1.0!

The following minor changes came out with the latest release of  Cintoo API on Oct. 6th, 2023:

  • Maximum number of 'refresh_token' for a single user is now at 10 (instead of 5.)
  • Added "Token Management" section in the API documentation with recommendations.
  • Added more details in the "Authentication" section to make it more explicit.

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Ange Abou posted 6 months ago Admin

Cintoo Connect 2.7.0 is out to speed up import of drone data and indoor mobile scanner!

The version 2.7.0 comes with a performance improvement for importing drone and indoor mobile scanner data (up to 10x faster).
It includes some fixes as well. You can find the full release notes here

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Ange Abou posted 9 months ago Admin

Cintoo Connect: latest release 2.6.1 for Face Blurring!

The version 2.6.1 comes with the fix for some cases where proxies were not correctly detected.

It includes the new feature to blur faces in scan panoramic images and in 360° images. 

It improves the support for E57 files exported from Trimble software, and also messages for some known error cases. 

You can find the full release notes here.

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