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Posted about 1 year ago by Fpvjohnt

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The VR headset info is outdated based on the current Oculus headsets. I’m unfamiliar with VR, so I need to know the exact name and model of the headset that works well with Cintoo. Do I need any other software or hardware to make it work?

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Ange Abou posted 9 months ago Admin

Hi Jorge,

We know that the WebVR runs well with Oculus Rift et Rift S. But it doesn't run well with the Quest 2 (and headsets-like with autonomous mode).

Anyway, it would be preferable to test any headset before purchasing it. 

Regarding HTC, Cintoo VR works on the Vive Pro. We didn't test the Vive Cosmos yet.  

Hope it helps. Cheers! 

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Jorge Ferraro posted 9 months ago

Hi John. I also have a query regarding VR Headsets. We have been using HTC headsets with no problem.

But we are now assessing to change to another brand.

On the support area for the VR elements and it mentions that Cintoo VR is compatible with HTC and Meta headsets. Is that exclusive or recomended?

If we got another headset compatible with Steam VR should we be able to use them as we have been using the HTC?

Thank you!

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John Tapia posted about 1 year ago Admin

Thanks for pointing this out to us. Can you provide the model information on your headset and give me your workflow of what you are trying to achieve.

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