How can I organize my Cintoo data for large projects with many scan locations?

Posted 6 months ago by John Tapia

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John Tapia Admin

Use the Project Explorer to toggle work zones on and off. This allows you to easily control which work zones are visible in the 3D View, making it easier to focus on the areas you're interested in.

Take advantage of the Resource Explorer. The Resource Explorer allows you to view all of the data files associated with a particular work zone, including scans, models, and images. You can use the Resource Explorer to toggle on and off individual data files, as well as to download or delete them.

Export scan links. Each uploaded scan has a unique URL that you can use to share the scan with others. You can export a CSV file containing all of the scan links for a particular project, which can be useful for sharing with team members or clients.

Use the Site Map feature. The Site Map feature allows you to upload a background image that will help you locate and navigate your scans. This can be a useful way to orient yourself within a large project.

Organize your data by using tags. Tags allow you to add metadata to your scans, such as the date they were captured, the type of equipment that was used, or the location of the scan. You can use tags to search for scans, filter them by criteria, and export them to a CSV file.

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