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The Cintoo Cloud Custom Branding is an option for customers who have specific requirements in terms of branding and security.

The Custom Branding package includes:

  • A custom domain (URL) to access the Cintoo Cloud platform (
  • A dedicated database instance (tenant) with control on data residency
  • The customized look and feel (logo, colors) on the web application, emails, and reports
  • The ability to add advanced user management features such as the SSO (Single-Sign On) support for external users (an additional fee may be required).

Custom Branding does not include the following:

  • Any change to the list of features, apart from the advanced security features such as the SSO option
  • Any change to the user interface, apart from the look and feel included in this description
  • Rebranding of Cintoo products: they remain Cintoo Cloud and Cintoo Connect
  • Changing Cintoo’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Custom Domain


By default, the Cintoo Cloud web application is hosted on a generic domain (URL), which is shared by multiple Cintoo accounts.

With the Custom Branding option, you get a dedicated custom domain (URL) in the form of

The choice of the subdomain name is yours to decide, but it needs to be approved by Cintoo beforehand.

Implementing a custom domain may involve a migration process for any existing clients, to move existing projects from the main domain to the sub-domain. This is detailed later in this document. 

As soon as the migration is complete, your Cintoo Cloud account becomes accessible only through your custom domain and is no longer accessible through the generic domain.

Note that Cintoo Cloud does not offer automatic redirection from the generic domain to your custom domain, so any link in the form stored in your systems will no longer work after the migration has taken place.

Dedicated Database


The Cintoo Cloud database contains all your Customer Metadata, such as user profiles, roles, permissions, project names, scan names or user activities.

By default, your Cintoo Cloud account is stored in a shared database used by multiple customers.

With the Custom Branding option, your account data is moved to a dedicated database, which can be accessed only via your custom domain URL:


This dedicated database ensures that all your Customer Metadata is isolated from other customers, and that all the users invited to your Cintoo Cloud projects are under your control.

Note that some users may have multiple accounts on different Cintoo Cloud instances (e.g. https://aec.cintoo.com and In this case, these user accounts are completely isolated, will have access to different projects, and may use a different password.


You also have the option to decide in which of the following regions your database containing your Customer Metadata will be hosted, for privacy and/or legal requirements:

  • Europe (Azure Netherlands / Ireland)
  • US (Azure Central / East US)

If you do not have specific data residency requirements, we may replicate your data in multiple regions to improve availability and performance.

Customized look and feel


With Custom Branding, you get:

  • The login panel including your company logo:

  • The top navigation bar including your company logo and custom colors:

  • Your company logo on the generated ‘Activities’ and ‘Issues’ reports in PDF format:

  • Your company logo included at the top of each email sent by Cintoo Cloud (notifications):

Advanced User Management


With Custom Branding, you can:

  • Force all users (even users external to your company) to login with SSO using your own Identity Provider (IdP) and the authentication policies (two-factor authentication for example) that the IT team of your company has put in place when logging in to the corporate network.
  • And/or restrict the list of domains of users allowed to login to Cintoo Cloud (white list).

Implementation Process


Here are the steps required to implement the Custom Branding option:

1) Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager, regional Sales Manager or by sending an email to to purchase the Custom Branding option.

2) Once the purchase order has been accepted and processed, contact Cintoo support ( with the following information:

  • Account manager (email) of your Cintoo Cloud account 
  • Name of your desired subdomain (
  • Data residency requirements for your Customer Metadata (EU/US or any)
  • Custom Branding requirements (see below)
  • Specific user management requirements (e.g. mandatory SSO for all users)

3) Cintoo will then create your custom domain, but this domain will still target the shared database.

4) In the case where your Cintoo subscription was previously on the main domain, you will need to communicate the new domain/URL to all your users so that they can switch their bookmarks from to Note that during this pre-migration step, both URLs can still be used to access your projects, to ensure a smooth transition.

Hint: any link of the form can be directly replaced by 

5) Agree with the Cintoo Support Team on a cutover date, on which your account data will be migrated to your dedicated database. You need to make sure that all your users are already using the new URL before the cutover date.

6) On the cutover date, your data will be migrated by the Cintoo Support Team. A brief service outage may be experienced during the migration.

7) After the cutover, your Cintoo Cloud account will not be accessible through anymore.

 Note that users0 who are also members of another customer’s account will keep their user account on

Here are all the branding elements to be communicated at step 2:

Main navigation bar 

1. Company logo (horizontal SVG + transparent background) 

  • Ratio between 2:1 and 4:1 
  • Please also provide a URL to open when a user clicks on the company logo from the Cintoo main navigation bar (e.g. company website home page URL) 

2. Background color (RGB) 

3. Text color (RGB) 

4. Hover and selected text color (RGB) 

5. Bottom separator color (RGB) 

  • If no separator is requested, the main navigation bar background color will be applied. 


Login page


1. Company logo (vertical SVG + transparent background)

2. Background color (RGB) 




  • Company logo (vertical PNG + transparent background) 
    • Max width 400 px 
    • Max height 400 px

PDF reports 

  • Company logo (horizontal SVG + transparent background) 
  • Ratio between 2:1 and 4:1 

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