Accessing the Cintoo Cloud API

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Cintoo Cloud resources can be accessed through the Cintoo Cloud API.

The API documentation can be found any time by clicking the "Developer documentation" icon:

Here is a screenshot of the Cintoo Cloud API documentation:

About Cintoo Cloud APIs

  • Cintoo Cloud APIs allow to call for most of Cintoo Cloud resources. Current API calls are the following:
    • List or get your Cintoo Cloud projects
    • Move project to another subscription
    • List files, including Scans, Models, Geoimages
    • List, create, update or delete Tags or Tag Lists
    • List or get Groups of users
    • List or get Roles
    • List Subscriptions
    • List or Get Users
  • More API calls will be added in the following months.

Typical use cases for Cintoo Cloud APIs include:

  • Accessing your projects and scans from your GIS platform
  • Connecting Cintoo Cloud with your Digital Twin model
  • Linking tags to other 1D, 2D, 3D or ERP platforms
  • Coming soon: Managing Cintoo Cloud users and access rights from your Company directory Etc.


With Cintoo Cloud API comes a Sandbox, which means a testing environment. This Sandbox is a separate tenant from the Cintoo Cloud platform that you are already familiar with.

The Sandbox is at your disposal so that you can test and use the API with no consequence on your production data (no unfortunate deletion by mistake for example).

Sandbox restrictions

  • Scan capacity of 20 scans per user.
  • Company SSO (if any) is not applicable since the Sandbox uses a different account.
  • Please contact to get the invitation link to the Sandbox account.
  • You can use the same email but you will be asked to set a new password by clicking on the invitation link.
  • Please note that this is an experimental platform, so we reserve the right to refresh/delete the data (unlike the production platform).
  • There is no limit in time for using the Sandbox.
  • The BIM & CAD Module (BCM) is activated in this Sandbox, so feel free to use your BIM or CAD model in this testing environment.

Registering to the Sandbox / Cintoo Cloud API

Please contact our Support Team to be invited to the Sandbox and get all the documentation for Cintoo Cloud API.

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