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If you encounter performance issues while navigating your scans using Cintoo, you may report the 

issue to us. We recommend that you also capture some data in order for us to understand the 

conditions/configurations you have while encountering these issues.

Your internet connection and also your computer may be the source of performance issues.

We also ask that you read the recommended specifications to run Cintoo Cloud (see Cintoo Solution Specifications) and compare them to your own.

The following steps can be used to report your issues to us: 

    A) Give us (Cintoo Customer Success Manager) access to your project (as BIM/VDC Manager) in           order to test and give temporary access to our technical support team if necessary. 

    B) Test your bandwidth conditions and capture data to send to us. 

    C) Email the following to your Cintoo CSM, and we will escalate to technical support if necessary  

       1) Bandwidth testing: 

                • Network 

                    • Recommended Internet connection bandwidth: 

                        • Download: 10 Mbps (Megabits per second) or higher 

                        • Upload: 1 Mbps or higher 

        1a) Bandwidth 

            Run a speedtest connection using your usual testing website (e.g.              (necessary values are speed for Download / Upload and also Ping) Capture the results in a                 screenshot:

        1b) Browser

            Indicate the browser name and version you are using to run Cintoo Cloud. For example, see                below: Google Chrome, version 119.0.6045.125

1c) Browsing Conditions

In the same conditions you have experienced performance issues (i.e. with the same programs opened on your computer like Outlook, Word, other software, etc.):

    - Connect to your Cintoo Project using your web browser 

    - Open the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+ DEL and select Task manager) 

    - Go to the top menu, and select OPTIONS, click on Always visible/Always on top 

    - Select the Performance Tab 

    - Double-click in the white area below the list to hide the graphics 

- You can move and resize the Task Manager window, but keep it visible and big enough to be readable in the screen capture 

- Enter your Cintoo Project, and navigate around. Once you encounter performance issues, then capture the full screen:

-  Send us the captured data as a screenshot image.

1d) Web Browser

Try to repeat the operations with at least one other supported web browser to confirm the performance issue is not due to the browser. 

    ▪ Google Chrome 

    ▪ Mozilla Firefox 

    ▪ Microsoft Edge V79 or higher 

You don’t need to capture and send us the data for this other browser, unless you find a completely different behavior. 

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