Best Practices for Displaying Scans and Models in 3D View

Created by João-Carlos Pereira Fialho, Modified on Thu, 16 Nov 2023 at 08:33 PM by Nicholas Czarnick

Some users may experience slow loading when entering in 3D View. It is generally due to the large amount of data you wish to display.

After verifying your computer specifications and internet connection (see 
Cintoo Solution Specifications), here are the tips to overcome this kind of issue:

1) Organize your data

If you have a project with hundreds or thousands of scans, you need to organize your data by work zones and not having all scans in one unique work zone. You can easily place your scans in sub-work zones by Floors, by Areas, etc. (see
 Organizing Scans into Work Zones)

3D Models:
If you have a project with one or several 3D Models containing thousands of objects,
you may also create sub-work zones under a 3D Model work zone organized by Disciplines or by Floor/Elevation, etc. (place one model per sub-work zone)

2) Navigate in 3D

A) Never switch directly to 3D view from the root of the project (Active Workzone)

This will display all project files in 3D view in 3D Navi mode, so it will start by loading all the models first (thousands of 3D objects) and then all the scans (hundreds or thousands) one by one, you will overload your CPU and your internet bandwidth.

B) Recommended way to enter in 3D View:
1. First in the Project Explorer, select only one scan work zone you want to see in 3D View

2. Go to Overview Map

3. Select X-Ray mode in the Display Settings

4. Click on the Scan position you want to enter in 3D View

The 3D view will open in Scan Mode at the scan position you chose:

You can now navigate from scan to scan or in 3D Navi mode.You can also now add the 3D Models you want to display with the scans by ticking the corresponding workzone (one by one) in the Project Explorer:

You can also add another scan work zone (Floor/area) by ticking the workzone to add it to the 3D View:

You can also reduce the number of 3D objects from the model using the Model Explorer, to hide temporay parts of your 3D model which are not relevant with your View. (see this article: Model Explorer)

Finally, if loading is still slow (especially if you have hundreds of scans), you can also temporarily switch off the Navigation Map on the bottom right corner by clicking on the Navigation Map icon:

In fact, if you don't have a Site Map or Model Lines (e.g. 2D DWG), the default setting of the Navigation Map is Scan Colors mode. So when you first open a scan work zone in 3D View, it will construct the Navigation Map from all scans, which uses CPU and internet bandwidth.

So you can switch off the Navigation Map temporarily, and re-open it to finish loading the Navigation Map when the 3D View is loaded and smooth. If you have a Site Map or Model Lines, you can simply switch to those modes instead of Scan Colors mode, since they do not use as much CPU or internet bandwidth.

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