Comparison Tools - Scans and Models

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Use the following steps to compare scans and models in Cintoo Cloud:

1. In the Project Explorer, confirm that the Work Zones containing the data sets you want to compare are toggled on, and the 3D data is visible in the 3D View.


2. If the 3D View is open in "3D Navigation" mode, switch to "Scan Mode" and set the display setting to "3D RGB."

3. Click the "Comparison Tools" icon in the left toolbar.

4. In the "Selection" field, assign which scans (or "All Scans") will be used "To Compare," and which model (or "All Models") will be used for "Reference." Your selections in the Comparison Tool will be limited to whichever Work Zones and sub-Work Zones are toggled on in the Project Explorer. 

Using the Visual Difference Tool

1. Toggle on the "Visual Diff Tool." A heat map will be generated that highlights the differences between the scan data and model data.

2. By default, the heat map will be displayed in "Flat Shading" mode, or bi-color/green-red. You can change the display setting to a gradient by selecting "Soft Shading."

3. Set the unit of measurement by toggling between "Feet" or "Meters."

4. Modify the "Distance Adjustment" setting to adjust the tolerance range by using the slider or by typing a value.

Fine-tune modifications being made to the "Distance Adjustment" setting by hovering the mouse cursor over the value and using the mouse scroll wheel + SHIFT/ALT key to increase or decrease the value in smaller increments.

The Visual Difference Tool will colorize either the scan data or model data based on which information is in front, superimposed, or behind the other in the viewer’s line of sight. In this example of scan vs. model, the scan data is colorized:

  • Everything red is in front of the BIM model at a distance higher than the value defined in the "Distance Adjustment" setting.
  • Everything green means that the scan data and the BIM model are within the range of the value defined in the "Distance Adjustment" setting.
  • Everything blue is behind the BIM model at a distance higher than the value defined in the "Distance Adjustment" setting.

Using the Visual Check Tool

1. Toggle on the "Visual Check Tool."

2. Use the "Visibility" slider to control the transparency/opacity of each data set being compared.

3. Color overrides can be applied to each data set in the 3D View to easily identify which elements belong to which data set.

Closing the Comparison Tool

Before closing out of the Comparison Tool, be sure to click "Reset" to set all values back to their default state, toggle off the "Visual Diff Tool" and "Visual Check Tool," and clear out the "To Compare" and "Reference" selection fields.

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