VR Streaming

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Prerequisites to run Cintoo VR:

  • VR-ready laptop or desktop with supported GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 or higher / AMD 400 Series or higher)
  • VR headset tethered to a VR-ready laptop or desktop with a cable that supports data and power
  • VR hand controllers
  • Mozilla Firefox web browser

1. With your VR headset tethered and active, open your Cintoo project in Firefox and click the blue Virtual Reality button at the bottom the Cintoo 3D View tab:

2. Click the VR headset icon at the bottom right of the window to display the scene in your VR headset:

VR Hand Controls for Meta VR devices:

VR Hand Controls for HTC Vive VR devices:

3. Use either VR hand controller to direct the laser pointer to the scan icons, and pull the trigger on the VR hand controller to teleport to that scan position:

4. Use your right VR hand controller to toggle the display mode between RGB Color, Surface, and X-Ray:

RGB Color:



5. Use your left VR hand controller to toggle between Scan Data Only, BIM Data Only, or Scan + BIM Data:

Scan Data Only:

BIM Data Only:

Scan + BIM Data:

6. To exit VR mode, take off your VR headset and use your mouse to click the Close VR button at the top right of the window:

For more information and troubleshooting steps, see this section of the Cintoo Knowledge Base:

Virtual Reality

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