Mesh Creation limited to 100 Scans (Work-around)

Created by John Tapia, Modified on Tue, 18 Apr 2023 at 07:01 PM by John Tapia


Below’s screen shot is calling up a limited to 100 scans error, 
however there is only 8 Scan positions visible in the 3D View.


Unified Mesh creation from crop is limited to 100 scans.
So the scan count is based on the presence of points from each scan in the crop zone.
So when we crop a zone the scans that are far away may have points inside the crop in
which case it counts on total number of scans.


The only way is to reduce the number of scans participating to the mesh.

Following work-arounds can be implemented:

  1. Reduce the crop zone, fine tunning the position of the crop plans and/or rotating the crop box
    to fit better the room. Sometimes the crop takes the wall of the next room or the ceiling or floor of a different building level.
    For open areas this is more arduous due to the high range of the scans.

  2. Create several crops with a bit of overlap (50 cm).

  3.  Select only the Scans you want to participate in the crop/mesh creation in Overview Map
    by using the Rectangular Selection Tool.
    Then in the Resource Explorer, either create a new workzone with the selected scans,
    Or right-click on one of the selected scan and choose "Isolate" to hide other scans.
    Then create the crop based on this settings.

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