Cintoo Solution Specifications

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The Cintoo Solution
The Cintoo Solution is composed of Cintoo Cloud and Cintoo Connect.

  • Cintoo Cloud is a cloud-based platform running on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure with a Web application to manage, view, share, enrich laser scan data in a collaborative way. Cintoo Cloud can also be cloud-connected to BIM platforms such as Autodesk Construction Cloud or Newforma Konekt for Scan & BIM workflows.
  • Cintoo Connect is a Windows application running locally on users’ desktops or laptops, which is cloud-connect to Cintoo Cloud exclusively. The purpose of Cintoo Connect is to:
    • Prepare the scans (point cloud-to-mesh transformation) and upload them to Cintoo Cloud.
    • Download the scans from Cintoo Cloud and export them in their source point cloud format.


  • Cintoo Connect cannot be run in standalone mode on desktops or laptops. It is run only from Cintoo Cloud after the user has logged in to the platform.
  • Not all users need to install Cintoo Connect.
    • Cintoo Connect must be installed by users who will upload laser scans from their desktop to Cintoo Cloud, or who will download scan data from Cintoo Cloud to get back point cloud on their desktop.
    • The users that will connect to Cintoo Cloud for viewing, measuring, annotating, cropping, creating orthographic sections or elevations, etc. and who will not upload or download scan data do not need to install Cintoo Connect.

Specifications to Run Cintoo Cloud

  • Software
    • No plug-in required.
    • Recommend WebGL browsers:
      • Google Chrome
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Microsoft Edge V79 or higher (which you can install from here).
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • Hardware
    • Intel i5 or equivalent
    • RAM of 4 GB or higher
    • Any graphic board with at least 2GB of GPUmemory
      • 8 GB recommended for projects of several hundreds of scans.
  • Network
    • Recommended Internet connection bandwidth:
      • Download: 10 Mbps (Megabits per second) or higher
      • Upload: 1 Mbps or higher

Specifications to Run Cintoo Connect

  • Software
    • Windows 10
  • Hardware
    • Intel i5 or equivalent
    • Recommended RAM depends on the size (=resolution) of your source scans:
      • The default setting in Cintoo Connect is to process 2 scans in parallel. (Note: This is only available for Terrestrial Laser Scanner uploads.  For Indoor Mobile Scanner uploads and Drone (alpha), the scans are processed one by one, no option for multi-processing is available in the dialog box.)
        • This number of scans can be reduced to 1 to reduce the RAM requirements below.
        • Or increased to 8 if you have a more powerful PC with more RAM.
      • RAM of 4 GB minimum is required to process 2 low-resolution scans (10 Million Points) in parallel
      • RAM of 8 GB minimum is required to process 2 scans of 40 Million Points each in parallel
      • RAM of 16 GB is required to process 2 scans of 160 Million Points each in parallel
      • RAM of 32 GB minimum is required to process 2 scans of 640 Million Points each in parallel
    • Graphic board: no specific requirements.
  • Network
    • Cintoo Connect will auto-detect the proxy.
    • If the firewall still blocks the uploads and downloads via Cintoo Connect:
      • Please ask your IT Department to white list the following domains: and both for uploads and downloads.
      • Contact if the problem persists.

How to get Cintoo Connect?
Click on “My Projects” in the top bar and click on the project in which you want to upload data.

  • The new and latest version of Cintoo Connect is available directly from Cintoo Cloud web app by click-ing on this icon here:
  • Please download and install the latest version and follow the instructions to run the installation.
  • Please note that you do not need to be an Administrator to install Cintoo Connect.

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