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Watch this short tutorial video here:  Display Settings

Follow the steps below to use the Display Settings:  

1.  You can find the Display Settings in the sidebar  


2. Display Settings options include Solid, Point, Mode, and Backface 



3. "Solid" display mode is only available with "Scan" camera type. "Solid" displays 3D scan data as a solid-surface mesh. 




4. The "Point" setting can be used in any camera type and displays 3D scan data as mesh vertices. 




5. "Mode" allows you to toggle between various display modes: RGB, Intensity, X-Ray, Heightmap, Surface, and 2D Panoramic Display (Scan Mode Only) 



6. "RGB" displays the 3D scan data and fallback on “Surface” display mode if no RGB information is found: 



7. "Intensity" displays the 3D scan data and fallback on “Surface” display mode if no RGB information is found:  



8. X-Ray displays the 3D scan data as see-through: 



9. Heightmap displays the 3D scan data with height information: 



10. "Surface" displays the 3D scan data with no color information: 



11. "2D Panoramic" (Scan Mode only) displays the panoramic image at each scan position: 



12. The "Backface" setting allows you to hide the backfaces of the 3D mesh surfaces: 


"Backface" setting enabled = hide backface surfaces 



"Backface" setting disabled = show backface surfaces 


Display Setting Video Tutorial 



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