Organizing Scans into Work Zones

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There are 2 ways to easily assign scans to a Work Zone:

Method 1: Manually dragging and dropping scans from the list in the Data tab to the Work Zone in the Project Explorer or in the Data tab main view.

Method 2: Selecting the scans in the Overview Map and creating a new Work Zone in the Resource Explorer.

Method 1 – Drag & drop in the Data tab

1. Create the Work Zone first using the Create Work Zone button at the top right.

2. Select your scans in the Data tab (you can use Shift+Click to select multiple files at a time.)

3. Then drag and drop the files with your mouse to the right Work Zone either in the Project Explorer or in the corresponding folder in the Data tab main view.

Method 2 – Scan selection in the Overview Map

1. Go to the Overview Map for your project.

2. Select the orthoview (top, left, right, front or rear) and the display setting (RGB, X-Ray, Surface) that will show the best view of your scan layout for a selection by the rectangle selection tool.

3. Click on the ‘Rectangle Select Tool’ in the vertical tool bar.

4. Use this tool to select the scans that need to be assigned to a given Work Zone.

5. By pressing CTRL and clicking on scan icons, you may remove some of the selected scans or add non-selected ones.

6. Click on the Resource Explorer in the vertical tool bar:

7. In the Resource Explorere panel on the right side of the screen, select the ‘Create Work Zone’ icon.

8. Define the Work Zone name and click Create.

9. The selected scans are then moved to the newly created Work Zone:

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