Bulk Edit/Update Multiple Tags

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1. Download the tag list containing the tags to be modified.

  • In the DATA Tab, select the ‘Download’ action for the selected list of tags: 


  • In the 3D View, select the list of tags in the Tag Explorer and click 'Download':


  • The downloaded CSV file contains the list of tags, and for each tag: 
    • The ID of the tag 
    • The 6 coordinates of the bounding box
    • Description (if a description has been entered for a tag) 
    • The Cintoo Cloud URL of each tag (e.g. https://aec.cintoo.com/tag/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    • All the metadata for each tag

2. Open the CSV file and make edits to each tag as needed.

  • Do NOT edit any existing tag ID, bounding box coordinates, or Cintoo Cloud URL:

  • Tag description and any tag metadata are OK to edit:

3. When all necessary edits have been made, save and close out of the CSV file.

4. In the Cintoo Cloud Tag Explorer or DATA tab, select the same tag list that was downloaded in Step 1 and click the "Import Tag List" icon:

From the Tag Explorer:

From the DATA tab:

Cintoo Cloud will check each value in the ID column of the spreadsheet file, and for any existing ID on the list it will replace any metadata value that is different from the current value for that tag. 

If the tag ID doesn't exist in the existing tag list on Cintoo, a new tag will be created and added.

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