Convert LAS to E57

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Until Cintoo Connect supports LAS/LAZ files natively, you will need to turn your LAS files into E57 files for your drone or mobile point cloud uploads.


We suggest 3 options to turn your LAS files into E57 files:

  • Manual workflow with Autodesk ReCap
  • Manual workflow with CloudCompare
  • Command Line workflow with CloudCompare

Using Autodesk ReCap

  • Open Autodesk ReCap and select ‘Import point cloud’:

  • Select the folder where your LAS file is located:

  • Click on ‘Select file to import’ and select ‘Lidar LAS files (*.las)’:

  • Import your LAS file.
  • Make sure that the decimation option is disabled in the ‘Advanced’ options:

  • Click on ‘Import Files’ and ‘Launch Project’
  • Then, export your file and select the E57 export option:

Using CloudCompare

  • Get the free open-source CloudCompare software from: CloudCompare
  • Install CloudCompare on your computer
  • Open CloudCompare and import your LAS file.

  • Then, export your file and select the E57 export option.

Using Command Line with CloudCompare

  • Get the free, open-source CloudCompare software from: CloudCompare
  • Install CloudCompare, even in portable version.
  • You must be familiar with the use of command lines and Command Prompt DOS language.
  • Known Limitation: Directory path and point cloud files names must not contain any spaces.
  • Open a command prompt and use cd command to switch to the corresponding folder where the LAS or LAZ files are located.
  • Run the following command by changing the path to cloudcompare.exe.
    • The path depends on your installation.
    • You must keep the quotes before and after as in the example below and choose the input LAS or LAZ file and output filename.
  • Command line is:
    • “D:\your_path_to_CloudCompare_installation_folder\CloudCompare.exe” -SILENT -AUTO_SAVE OFF -O -GLOBAL_SHIFT AUTO “input_filename.las” -C_EXPORT_FMT E57 -EXT e57 -SAVE_CLOUDS FILE “output_filename.e57”
  • CloudCompare will convert the file in E57 without opening the user interface of the software.

NOTE: There is a possibility to use this CloudCompare command line option in batch mode to convert multiple files instead of one only. Please contact for instructions.

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