Create a Scanning Path CSV File Using CloudCompare

Created by Nicholas Czarnick, Modified on Wed, 28 Jun 2023 at 08:12 PM by Nicholas Czarnick

You can manually create the scanning path CSV file required by Cintoo Connect 2.x using the following steps: 


1. Open the unified point cloud file in CloudCompare using File > Open. 

  • Save the unified point cloud as an E57 file if the input file is not an E57, then proceed to Step 2.


2. If needed, crop the point cloud by selecting the point cloud file from the DB Tree and navigating to Edit > Crop. Modify the values in the Crop dialogue as needed and click OK:

3. With the point cloud file selected in the DB Tree, click the Point list picking icon, and pick desired points on the point cloud file:

4. When finished picking points, navigate to the pick point list, click the Save drop down arrow, select “label name,x,y,z and save as a CSV file:


5. Open the CSV file and insert a new row at the top with the following values for cells A1 – H1: filename,x,y,z,qw,qx,qy,qz

6. For columns E-H insert the following values for all rows: 1,0,0,0

7. Add 1.7 to all z-values in column D:

8. Save and close the CSV file.

9. In Cintoo Connect 2.x, navigate to the Indoor Mobile Scanner tab. Select Generic E57 from the Device/Format drop down menu. Load the unified E57 file for Point Cloud, and the CSV file for Scanning Path:

10. Adjust the Position Sampling value to modify the number of vantage points to generate:

11. Click Import to begin the upload process.

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