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Logging in to Cintoo will take you directly to the My Projects page. My Projects gives you the tools to create new projects, search and open existing projects, and will show all projects you've created or projects you’ve been invited to access by others. 

User Interface

1. Project search tool

2. Filter projects by All, Active, or Inactive

3. List View/Tile View

4. Sort projects by Name, Last Visited, Last Updated, Creation Date, Status, Owner, Created By, Account Manager, or Scan Count

5. Order projects by Ascending/Descending

6. Projects panel

7. Map View

8. Create Project button

Navigating My Projects

  • Use the project search tool to search for Cintoo projects. The following project attributes can be searched: 
    • Project name, description, Account Manager name, Created By name, Owner name

  • Use the List View and Tile View buttons to toggle the projects panel display:

List View

Tile View

  • Use the middle arrow buttons to expand the projects panel or map view:

Using the Map View

Navigating with a mouse 

  • Left mouse button – Drag to pan around the view.
  • Right mouse button – Drag to tilt the view or rotate around a click point.
  • Wheel button – Scroll to zoom in or out. 


Navigating with a keyboard 

  • + and – keys – Zoom in or out 
  • Arrow keys (up, down, right, left) - Pan around the view
  • A and D keys – Tilt or rotate the view 


Find locations on the map 

  • In the search text box, type the address, place-name, or x,y coordinates you want to find.

Switch view from 2D to 3D 

  • Click the 2D/3D button in the top-left corner of the view to switch the view from 2D to 3D and vice versa.


Choose a basemap 

  • Click the Basemap tool in the top-right corner to open the gallery, and select a basemap to display in the view. 
  • A variety of basemaps are available, including 3D basemaps, dark mode, and OpenStreetMap.

View Cintoo projects on the map 

  • Cintoo projects are displayed as red pinpoints in the map view. 
  • Clusters of multiple Cintoo projects in the same vicinity are displayed as larger red pinpoints showing the number of projects in the cluster (2D Maps only) 
  • To zoom in on a cluster of projects, select the project cluster and click “Zoom to”  
  • Click an individual project pinpoint to access the project action buttons.

See these articles for more details: 

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