Creating Groups of Users

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In Users & Permissions, you have the capability to create your own directory of Groups of Users. You may add or delete users from these groups at any time, which will directly impact those users’ access to the projects to which they have been invited.

When clicking on GROUPS, this message appears:

Clicking on  in this window or on at the top right, you can then create your own groups of users by entering a name and a description (optional):

Once clicking on Create, you are then invited to add members to your group by picking in the Users directory, or by providing a list of emails separated by a comma:

Once users have been added, they appear in the directory for this specific group:

At this stage, you can still add users, delete users, duplicate the group or delete it. Each user can individually be removed by clicking on the ‘Trash’ button at the right of the list:

Now, you can select a project and invite Team Members for this project.

In the MEMBERS section within your project, click on  . You are then offered the choice to add individual members or groups of users.

Click on My Groups and select the group that you want.

The group then appears in your MEMBERS list as a single entity:

Click on  to expand the group and see all the members in it. You can search for any individual.


  • If a user is added or deleted from a group, his/her access to this project will be updated accordingly and automatically.
  • If a user in one group has been invited to the same project individually or as part of another group, his/her permissions on this project will be the cumulated permissions provided by these 2 invitations. For example:
    • Invited as part of a group, he/she can be assigned the role of a simple Viewer.
    • Invited individually or as part of another group, he/she can be assigned the role of an Engineer.
    • His/her role on this project will the cumulated permissions of the Viewer + Engineer.

You can delete this group from this project by clicking on trashcan icon in the actions area on the right side. If some users of this deleted group have been invited individually or as part of another group in the same project, they will remain active in this project with the permissions given by these other invitations.

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