Linear Measurements from Stereoscopic 360 Panoramic Images

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Some assets have been captured with stereoscopic 360 panoramic images, such as the R2S solution. This legacy data can now be uploaded to Cintoo Cloud and used exclusively for visualization and linear measurements.


  • The stereoscopic 360 panoramic images must be well aligned in the 3D coordinate system.
  • Each 360 panoramic image from the stereoscopic pair must be named as:
    • Imagename_up for the upper image
    • Imagename_dn for the lower image.
  • 3D measurements will be linear measurements only.

Uploading stereoscopic 360 panoramic images

Please follow the instructions in this article: Import and Display 360 Images (Beta)

3D Measurements from stereoscopic 360 panoramic images

  • In your 3D view, select one image of the pair and click on the ‘Measurements’ tool


  • From the naming convention listed in ‘Restrictions’ above, Cintoo Cloud will recognize that this panoramic image is coming as a pair with no 3D data.
  • Click on ‘+ ADD MEASUREMENT’.
  • The display will then stay in panoramic mode.
  • You can click your 2 points that correspond to your desired linear measurement

  • Then click on ‘Switch Up’ (or ‘Switch Down’ depending on which image you started from) to move the other image of the pair: 

  • Repeat your 2 clicks in this second panoramic image, and the measurement will appear once you have clicked the second point:

  • The measurement is also listed at the top of the 3D view, and you need to click on ‘Save’ to save the measurement:

  • All linear measurements are listed in the Measurement List:

  • You can edit the name of the measurement:

  • Clicking on ‘Edit’ will pop-up the editing window

  • Note that you cannot adjust the measurement. You will need to delete it first and do it again.
  • Deleting a measurement can be done from the delete button corresponding to each measurement:

Exporting your list of measurements

  • Go to the REPORT tab.
  • Make sure that ‘Measurements’ is selected as part of the ‘Activities’ that you want to display and export.
  • Each measurement will be listed in the tab. When clicking on one of them, you can see the thumbnail and you may go back to the 3D View by clicking on ‘Play 3D’.
  • Note that only the ‘Length’ is a valid measurement. Do not use ‘Height’ or ‘Width’ as references.
  • You may want to export this list as a clickable PDF. Simply click then on ‘Export as PDF’:

  • Generating the PDF file usually takes a few seconds. It may take longer if there is a lot of data to be published.

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