Scan File Contains No Static Scan

Created by John Tapia, Modified on Wed, 06 Sep 2023 at 11:18 PM by Nicholas Czarnick

This error message indicates that the file has been merged into a single point cloud, which is not the correct format for use in Cintoo Connect.

To resolve this error, re-export the point cloud file from your registration software as a structured point cloud. 

Structured point clouds are made up of individual scan stations/setups, and they may also include panoramic images if these were captured during the scanning process. Exporting the file in this way will allow you to maintain the structure of the data and avoid any errors when uploading it into Cintoo Connect.

To check if your point cloud file is a structured point cloud, you can open it in Autodesk ReCap: 

If no RealViews/"bubble views" are included in the project, then it is not a structured point cloud.

 Additionally, you can check the ReCap project Support folder to see if there is an RCS file for each individual station. If there is a single, unique RCS file in the folder, the point cloud has been unified, and you will need to re-export it as a structured point cloud in order to upload it to Cintoo Cloud without issues.

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