Check if a RCP Project is Structured

Created by Xavier Lamorlette, Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 09:59 PM by Nicholas Czarnick

When working with Cintoo, it's important to have a complete and accurate set of data files for your RCP project. One way to ensure that you have all the necessary files is to check if the project's Support folder contains the data files of the scans of the RCP project:

The Support folder should contain RCS files, which contain the 3D data of the scans, and RCC files, which contain the structured data (the 2D panoramic data) of the scans:


If the Support folder is missing RCC files, it means that your RCP project contains unstructured (unified) scans, which Cintoo cannot handle.

For example, if you were working on a project called "MyBuilding", the example Support folder would be named "MyBuilding_Support" and it would contain RCS and RCC files for each scan that was taken.

To ensure that your RCP project is compatible with Cintoo, it's essential that all of the scans in the project are structured. For more information on structured scans, and how to work with them in Cintoo, please refer to this article: Structured vs. Unified & Unstructured Scan Data

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